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Slick Greedy provides a specialized platform for restaurant / food truck owners and chefs to be put in front of Food Lovers and people possibly looking for your services. Users will come to the site to find new places to eat near them or to find chefs in the area. The search results aren’t limited to their current location. They have the ability to search anywhere in the United States. Each listing will have links to your social media platforms and other contact information. Your profile on Slick Greedy essentially performs as a web site or hub for your business. You will have the option to add a photo gallery of your work and a short bio. You can also share a video on your listing which also helps to generate interest. We are a growing community so we currently are offering extremely reasonable introductory rates on our listing packages to get the ball rolling. We plan to have spotlights on listings that are garnering attention from the users. These listings will be shared on our social networks as well. We have big things planned for Slick Greedy and we want to thank you for sharing your business with us.