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  • October 1, 2023 1:38 am local time

About Us

The Burger Bistro brings quality interpretations of burgers, french fries and milkshakes while providing protein types for all: delicious beef, juicy turkey, fresh salmon and plant-based protein options. We want all patrons to be able to “burger your way”.

  • Torrey McGill
    February 11, 2023 at 12:17 pm

    I stopped at Burger Bistro on the way home from work the other day. I ordered the Beef All American Burger (added onions + cheese) with Chili Cheese Fries for me and got the Turkey Cheddar Bacon Burger for the wife. I’ll start off by saying the staff and service was great. They were cool and just makes it feel like a cool spot to hang out and grab a bite.
    The wife said her Turkey Burger was delicious. She’s the pickier eater out of the 2 of us so the word delicious is not thrown around that often lol. She was glad I made the decision to stop by the Burger Bistro on the way home.
    My beef burger, I can’t say I had the exact same feeling. My beef burger I felt like it was a lil overcooked which dries it out. I also feel like they forgot to season my patties. I’m assuming this isn’t the norm seeing some of the other reviews and also going by my wife’s word. The bun was soft and toasted, nice sized patties, Cheesy, onions sautéed, sweet pickle..had all the makings of a great burger…but the patties fell a lil short on this trip for ya boy. Chili Cheese Fries were good though. Haven’t had some in a while, probably since being back in Detroit at a coney spot. Gave me a similar feel. But all in all I would say check em out. Definitely some other items I wanna try on the menu too.

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