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Dreams & Goals Coated With Ambition


Why food? Ever since I was young I loved watching and helping my mom in the kitchen preparing dinner. As I got older she told me “I’m going to teach you how cook so that you will know how to take care of yourself”. It was then, when I learned the basics of moving around the kitchen. Food has always been exciting to me, tasting different cuisines and cultural dishes. There aren’t any limits to what can be created in kitchen, the rush of trying new combinations of herbs and spices that can give plain dishes and entrees character and individuality. It’s the thrill of enjoying the aroma in the air while creating a masterpiece, to be thoughtfully decorated, and plated. To some cooking can be a nightmare and to other rather therapeutic. was created to share thoughts, ideas, recipes and experiences while moving towards our goal of becoming a full fledged restaurant offering thought provoking dishes and a world class dining atmosphere. We hope you support, share and engage with us on our journey.


-Chef David



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