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Our cookies are the best cookies you’ll ever have! 100% scratch made. We truly live up to our name Monster Cravings!!!

I am on a mission to elevate your cookie expectations. Don’t settle for subpar bare minimal cookies. Here at Monster Cravings we aim to serve you the best cookies you’ve ever had. If you never had any expectations about how your cookie should taste, then get ready! Our cookies are Ah freakin Mazing!!!! We specialize in handcrafted made from scratch gourmet cookies. These are not your grandmas average cookies (sorry grandma). Our cookies are baked fresh to order. This way allows you to have the FRESHEST cookies ever. We are home to the PB&J cookie. If you’ve never thought of the two as soulmates; take a chance and try it (you’ll thank me later). Cookies you’ll find yourself craving!!

  • Munster Cravings, Chattahoochee Avenue Northwest, Atlanta, GA, USA

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  • Torrey McGill
    January 26, 2023 at 12:05 am

    I really love these cookies. The name is fitting because I definitely have Cravings for these cookies in particular. Cinnamon roll, pb&j are probably my go to cookies.

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