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The vision for Nouveau was formed by faith, heart, and a desire for excellence. Bringing this vision to College Park was a mixture of patience, hard work and perfect timing. When you walk in Nouveau it tells its own story, from the lighting, to the floors, to the skyline of a city i love on our bar. It flows with amazing energy on our bar side and a subtle serene elegance on our main dining side. This is why college Park was a perfect location. Bringing upscale dining and entertainment to an area that welcomed us and needed venues that would showcase the true heart of the city.

Faith and determination are built in my foundation. I knew years ago that I wanted to be in the hospitality business but all the venues were either not right for my vision or my deep faith told me it wasn’t the right time. Fast forward to 2019 ; after a meeting with my realtor and advisors Marquionna and Andrea, we drove past the location and instantly felt a connection with it and the area. With a background in marketing and real estate I analyzed the prospect and immediately began pursuing the location. The normal hurdles that occur when pursuing a venture all seemed to fall by the wayside ensuring that this was indeed God’s Plan. Navigating this plan seemed like it would be a heavy task for a newcomer to the business but once again blessings were upon me as I was introduced to an excellent consultant, Greg Cole who would become a close friend and confidant.

They say it takes a village to raise a child so it must take an army to start a Restaurant. Family has always been the heart of my army and none of this could have happened without the help of my family! Including my sister Toya and my brother! We invite you to come see us at Nouveau Bar & Grill. Make yourself at home while enjoying our well balanced food and drink menus as well as a variety of weekly events.

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  • Torrey McGill
    January 20, 2023 at 5:04 pm

    I’ve had the ultimate seafood grits and the pasta which were both very good. Definitely looking forward to trying some more items on the menu

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