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  • SOUTHERN FIRE KITCHEN, Buford Highway Northeast, Atlanta, GA, USA

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  • Tatyana
    June 4, 2022 at 2:41 pm

    First let me say the food was the saving grace! The Hispanic men in the kitchen (i could see from the bar seating) know what they are doing. HOWEVER if good service is just as important to you as the food, go somewhere else 😩
    The restaurant is pretty small, as soon as you open the door and walk in you’re damn near at a table invading other guests space.
    I came with my friend, so a party of two. There was 2 women seated at a table right by the door with Southern Fire Kitchen shirts on rolling up silverware whom we made eye contact with but did not greet us, after standing at the door for a few minutes i leaned over and asked if we could just sit anywhere, Lol they told me to wait for the host who was cleaning off a clean table… She Finally greeted us, asked how many, and then immediately went to the gentleman behind me so me and my friend went to the bar.
    🥹 The bar tender did not know what she was doing, drinks were over flowing spilling everywhere she kept smelling the shaker that she was mixing drinks in. The little fruit flies were having the time of their life in this restaurant.The bartender was drinking behind the bar! Lol we literally had to wait for her to finish her drink before she took our food order. The music was too loud, couldn’t even hear my girl right next to me. And the owner all over the IG was sitting right next to us did not speak or ask us if we’re enjoying her establishment, like i said the restaurant is on the small side so when the owner was joined at the bar buy more ppl we had even less room. Servers walking around with durags on. It’s a shame another black owned establishment is not putting any effort in with customer service. If you decide to give it a try the food will be good but that’s all that will be good. 5mins after our food arrived we were asking for boxes because we just had to get out of there.

    • Slick Greedy
      June 9, 2022 at 2:16 pm

      Love the details of your review. All these things matter for an overall experience. We’ve been to some black owned restaurants that we wanted to absolutely love..but sometimes the service was lacking and that can ruin the whole experience. Like you said the food can be good…but service can make you hesitant to make a return visit.

      Thanks for the insight

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