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After moving to Atlanta from Los Angeles, three siblings decided to open The Vortex because it seemed like a better idea than looking for jobs. They reasoned that hanging-out in a bar every day would be more fun than “going to work,” and they really wanted to enjoy life in their newly adopted city. With that being the extent of our founder’s business plan, we have never taken ourselves too seriously. The Vortex is simply a cool, casual bar with a unique atmosphere, that was designed to be enjoyed by decent, fun-loving adults. No pretense. No nonsense. Service is hospitable, but may also be a little quirky or sassy at times. The relationships we have with our patrons are authentic and genuine. Over the years, some customers and staff have even morphed into an extended family of sorts – although a slightly unorthodox one. Everyone is welcome to get sucked into The Vortex and join the party. Just be over 21, and be nice.

  • Vortex Bar & Grill, Moreland Avenue Northeast, Atlanta, GA, USA

  • Torrey McGill
    June 22, 2022 at 7:56 pm

    Always a great time when we go to Vortex. We usually go as a group so thats part of it. But the other part is the staff . They’re usually pretty lively. Vortex has some pretty crazy burgers but they’re also pretty good. Burgers and Drinks..can’t go wrong lol.

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